More Baptisms In Harare!

I have just returned from Harare, Zimbabwe after a very successful conference there. Home Missionary (and former Foreign Missionary) Tim Thompson from Albuquerque, New Mexico assisted me on this trip, and was a tremendous blessing to the work of God.

The purpose of our trip was to strengthen those we had already converted, continuing to help them “grow in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord.” This we endeavored to do. However, we also had to once again teach Apostolic Doctrine, inasmuch as there were a number of Trinitarian pastors present who had never heard the message.

By the end of the second day, I was approached by a Bishop who is over more than 200 churches. He told me that I had “completely destroyed” his theology. He was anxious to hear more, but was called away due to some pressing situations. Help me pray that we will have another opportunity to share this message with him.

Even though we went there to teach the pastors with whom we are already working, we were blessed to be able to convert some new pastors in the process. On the final day of our conference, we baptized three Trinitarian pastors in Jesus’ name!


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