Reaching Our City & Our World


At New Life Pentecostal Church, we are committed to serving our community. We strive to serve both individually and in groups, both in the church and around the world. While we serve in many ways, there is always a common thread: our service is being done by people who are passionate about demonstrating God’s love to others.

The members of New Life truly believe that relationships matter. It is when we connect with others that we grow. We learn from one another. We support one another. We are challenged by each other. It is through this connection that we are strengthened to become better followers of Christ. This connection is accomplished in many ways – Bible Study groups, service within and outside of the church, age- and gender-specific groups, and other methods.


New Life considers it a great honor when someone who is not a member chooses to visit one or more of our services. To us, they are more than “visitors;” they are our guests. In return for their visit, we desire to not only express our gratitude, but to effectively touch their lives and be a blessing to them for having joined us. Our “LifeREACH” program is more than a “visitor follow-up” effort. It is a genuine attempt to give back to those who gave of their time to worship with us. We want each of our guests to recognize that, although they may find churches which have larger buildings, or offer more programs, we are determined to show them they will never find a church that loves them more.

Deaf Community Outreach

New Life Pentecostal Church is committed to providing the deaf community an opportunity to learn about the Word of God, and to worship Him in Spirit and Truth. In every service (whether it is a regularly scheduled service or a special event), we provide ASL interpreters. Furthermore, we offer Bible Teaching, fellowship, and other ministries to reach out to the hearing impaired.

Spanish Community Outreach

In order to serve the growing Hispanic community in our area, New Life Pentecostal Church offers Spanish translation in each of our services. One part of our long-range plans for the future is to start a separate Spanish-speaking church. In fact, once we have moved into our new facility, we intend to convert our current building into “Iglesia de Verdad”.


10 AM and 6 PM on Sunday, 7:30 PM on Tuesday & Youth Service on Friday at 7 PM.