AGES 9-11

The “tween years” (as they are commonly called today) are among the most crucial of a child’s formative years. That is why New Life Pentecostal Church puts special attention upon this age group and provides them with lessons that are fun, informative, and action-packed. We strive to provide the pre-teens with enough Biblically-based principles to help them be better prepared to navigate their teenage years. This, in turn, helps them to become better adults.



Brandon Hilton

Rev. Brandon Hilton was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1986 to godly Apostolic heritage. Both of his parents were raised in Apostolic homes. His grandfather, Rev. L.D. Hilton, was the second pastor of New Life Pentecostal Church. He was dedicated to the service of the Kingdom of God as an infant, and his parents raised him to love the things of God and pursue a relationship with the Savior! He received the baptism of the Holy Ghost and was baptized in the lovely name of Jesus Christ at the age of 10. Six years later, he acknowledged the call of God on his life to become a minister of the Gospel.

As has already been mentioned, his grandfather was a minister. Rev. L.D. Hilton had not only been pastor of New Life, but had served in other ministerial capacities, including evangelizing. The influence of Grandpa Hilton, however, was abruptly taken from him when his grandfather was promoted to Glory in 1996. In spite of this seemingly devastating loss, God replaced that void with the coming of Pastor Gregory Riggen, the current pastor of New Life Pentecostal Church. These men have greatly affected the direction in which God has drawn Rev. Brandon Hilton to serve the Kingdom of God.

Rev. Hilton is currently active in teaching the New Converts’ Care on Sunday afternoons. He is also leading the effort to plant a new satellite location in LaCygne, Kansas. Every Wednesday evening, Rev. Hilton drives more than an hour each way to hold a weekly Bible Study. Already souls are coming to God, and lives are being changed.

Rev. Hilton is married to Pastor Riggen’s middle daughter, Andrea. They have two daughters and a son.

Rev. Brandon Hilton

Andrea Hilton

Andrea Hilton says some of her earliest memories are of being in Sunday School. She has two distinct memories of lessons taught by a Sunday School teacher in a Nursery class. It has been twenty-five years ago, but she will never forget the tears in her teacher’s eyes as she taught the lessons. Even though she was very young, that teacher had an impact on her life. Andrea is hoping that some day a child will look back and remember her in the same fashion.

Andrea has been helping in Sunday School off and on for more than fifteen years. In fact, as soon as she graduated out of Sunday School, she was immediately sent back in as a helper. She loves working with kids and wants to help encourage them to be all that God wants them to be!
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10 AM and 6 PM on Sunday, 7:30 PM on Tuesday & Youth Service on Friday at 7 PM.