AGES 3-5

Children are never too young to hear about Jesus! Even babies can understand God’s love for them and how important it is to be a part of the church family if they are in a positive environment that continually reinforces these simple, yet important messages at every opportunity. Our toddler class is designed to facilitate children’s personal relationships with Jesus Christ and the Word. The mission of this ministry includes fostering skill-building through relevant Biblical teaching, positive role modeling, and esteem building. Activities and songs are chosen with a focus in mind: to prepare children to discover their uniqueness and, eventually, God’s mission for their lives.


Rachel Goff

A homeschooling mother to five children, Sister Goff understands the needs of young kids. She has said that some of her favorite childhood memories are of devotions every day before school, which were very similar to Sunday School. In fact, that was where she received the Holy Ghost at five years of age.

It is obvious that Sister Goff loves to teach young children the basic doctrines, such as one God and baptism in Jesus’ Name. Her favorite part of teaching is seeing the “light come on” when the children understand and remember the concepts. She has made it a personal goal to see to it that each child who comes into her class feels important and learns truth.

Rachel Goff

Erica Williams

Erica Williams is the oldest daughter of Pastor and Sister Riggen, and was born into a family with a rich Apostolic Heritage.  She received the Holy Ghost at the age of 6 while living in Aransas Pass, Texas. She moved to  Olathe in 1996 when her father became the pastor at New Life Pentecostal Church. She married a young man in the church and has been blessed with 4 children, raising them in the truth.


Erica has always had a passion for working with children. She started assisting in the Sunday School department at the age of 17, and has been involved with Sunday School off and on since that time. Her passion for working with children spread beyond her involvement in Sunday School and into my career. She is currently a Registered Nurse specializing in pediatrics, employed at Children’s Mercy Hospital, and working as a substitute nurse for the Olathe School District.


It does not take long for one to recognize Erica’s love for working with preschool-age children. She knows that they find joy in the simple things of life which older individuals often overlook. They are quick to forgive.  They love one another freely. They have a pure sense of faith in God and His ability to fix any problem that may present itself. Erica loves helping preschoolers hide God’s Word in their hearts.

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10 AM and 6 PM on Sunday, 7:30 PM on Tuesday & Youth Service on Friday at 7 PM.