AGES 12-18

Teenage years do not have to be turbulent years! Although young people experience a myriad of emotional, physical, and psychological changes, they can acquire stability and peace through the truths in God’s Word and the power of Help Spirit. Our youth class helps teens focus on the things that really matter, thereby granting them the ability to become both productive and fulfilled.



Dezarae Allbritton

Dezarae remembers the days as a small child when she would have her parents be the “students” in their living room which, in her imagination, was her “classroom.” As funny as this may sound, that passion for teaching felt by a little girl continued to grow as she got older. As a teenager, she constantly prayed that God would use her career and passion to help young people and allow her to be an asset to the church. Immediately after graduation, she pursued a Bachelor’s Degree in Education. She has since obtained her Master’s and is currently working towards her Doctorate.

Because of her desire to be used of God, she began teaching at a Christian School. She developed strong relationships with the young people, and was soon serving as a chaperone for youth trips, as well as planning various youth functions.

In the Summer of 2013, Dezarae moved to the Kansas City area to take a teaching position in the Kansas City, Kansas School District. It was at that time she became a member of New Life Pentecostal Church. Before moving here, she had prayed that Pastor and Sister Riggen would have a work for her to do in God’s Kingdom that involved working with teens. Two weeks after arriving, Sister Riggen approached her about becoming the Teen Sunday School Teacher. Her overwhelming feeling of excitement prompted an eager answer of “YES!”, knowing God had answered her prayer.

Dezarae loves teaching Biblical principles and says, “My desire as a Sunday School Teacher is to help young people to serve God in sincerity, maintain a prayerful relationship with God, and live for Him their entire lives.”


Victoria Hilton

Victoria Hilton, was born into an Apostolic family in Kansas City, Missouri, and moved with her family to Olathe, Kansas in the Spring of 1995. She is fourth generation Apostolic. Both of her brothers are Apostolic ministers, and her late grandfather was pastor of New Life Pentecostal Church for more than 10 years. Additionally, her great-grandfather was a pioneer of the Apostolic faith who shared this message of truth, baptizing many people in the precious name of Jesus. Victoria received the Holy Ghost at the age of 10 at a church camp, and was baptized in Jesus’ Name shortly thereafter. She is thankful that God has graciously given her a personal revelation of this truth, as well as a hunger to see others come to know it.
After completing High School, Victoria worked as a child care provider in both as a nanny in single home positions and serving as a lead teacher for toddlers in a daycare classroom setting. She delights in helping children conquer new things, and overcome daily obstacles and fears.

Victoria has served as a Sunday School Toddler teacher at New Life for several years and has been the assistant for the Teen Sunday School Class since the Spring of 2013. Her desire is to see teenagers develop a passion for living for God and she carries a burden to see more teenagers born into God’s Kingdom.

Tori - Fall 2011


10 AM and 6 PM on Sunday, 7:30 PM on Tuesday & Youth Service on Friday at 7 PM.