Bible Reading Made Easy | 2017

Every year, Bishop Riggen creates an easy-to-use Bible reading chart for New Life Pentecostal Church members to use so they can stay on track through out the new year. This plan is thoughtfully structured to include two “free” days every week so that the reader can either read ahead or easily catch up.

If you are committed to reading through the Bible this year, why not do it with us?

Download the 2017 Bible Reading Chart Here

A Study of Basic Apostolic Doctrine | Bishop Riggen

Interested in knowing more about what we believe? Bishop Riggen has crafted a Bible study that addresses the basics of Apostolic Doctrine. How did the apostles baptize? What is the plan of salvation? Does everyone have to speak in tongues? These questions and more are addressed in this study from a Biblical perspective.

Download A Study of Basic Apostolic Doctrine


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