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Reverend Brian Sisler was born in Portsmouth, Ohio, on July 11, 1975. He was raised in an Apostolic church and started attending Truth Tabernacle in Wheelersburg, Ohio at the age of 13. It was there under the leadership of Pastor Robert E. Davis that he received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. One year later, while attending youth camp at Buckeye Lake, Ohio, he received a call to the ministry.

In 1993, Reverend Sisler relocated to Dayton, Ohio, where he spent the next seven years. Under the pastoral care of the late Reverend Huss Shearer, he developed many of his skills as a leader. His tenure there included ministering as a Sunday school teacher (seven years), a Bible quizzing coach (one year), assistant youth leader (three years), and head youth leader over the 9-12 age group (four years). While there, he also spent four years involved as an assistant and leader of the weekly care group ministry. Reverend Sisler says that it was during this time that his leadership style and experience in working with people was realized. He has stated that his time with the late Elder Huss Shearer will never be forgotten as it was an invaluable asset for the development of his ministry.

In the year 2000, Reverend Sisler and his wife relocated back to Wheelersburg, Ohio, once again placing himself under the pastoral care of Reverend Robert E. Davis. Two years later, he started serving as the youth director for ages 12-35. He continued in this role for the next eight years. He then served as the Sunday School and Outreach Director for the next five years. Reverend Sisler and his wife spent many hours giving Bible studies to both those who knew nothing about the Bible, and those who had just started attending the church on a regular basis.

While busy working for the kingdom of God in Wheelersburg, he and his family experienced a sudden shift in direction. In September of 2012, God led Reverend Sisler to begin preaching around the country as a full time evangelist. He spent the next four years traveling, preaching to congregations of all sizes. His travels took him from Florida to California. He gained much experience in dealing with various people and cultures during his time of travel. He and his family thoroughly enjoyed their time traveling and were treated very kindly by the pastors who allowed him to minister to their congregations.

In November of 2015, he began to feel that once again, there was a change coming to his area of ministry. Although he was uncertain as to exactly what God was directing him to do, he felt confident that the Lord would make it clear to him in His time.

In April of 2016, Reverend Sisler received a call from Reverend Greg Riggen, pastor of New Life Pentecostal Church of Olathe, Kansas, to discuss the possibility of assisting with the work there. It would take 3 ½ months before everything came together. August 7, 2016, was the first service as Pastoral Assistant to Reverend Riggen and New Life Pentecostal Church for the Sisler family. After four years of traveling, they are all very excited to be in Olathe and serving in ministry to the great people of that city.

Reverend Sisler would like to express his extreme gratitude and appreciation to Pastor Robert E. Davis, who has been a mentor and father to him for the majority of his life. It is the undying sacrifice from men like Reverend Davis that helped mold him and teach him to bring an intensity and passion to whatever area of ministry in which God has so graciously allowed him to serve.

Reverend Gregory K. Riggen was born in Lafayette, Indiana in 1960. The middle son of non-Christian parents, he grew to be the product of a very turbulent decade. God had plans for him, however, and the dramatic change that resulted is well worth finding out.

Greg Riggen first visited a United Pentecostal Church at the age of 11. Although his parents were very much against it, he continued to attend. He received the Holy Ghost and was baptized in Jesus’ Name when he was 12, and subsequently led his father, mother, two brothers, and 77 year-old grandmother to the Lord. He felt a call into the ministry that summer, and preached his first message on a Wednesday night at the age of 13.

After completing High School in Dallas, Texas, Pastor Riggen received his Th.B. from Texas Bible College in Houston. With a 4.0 average, he was valedictorian of his graduating class.

Upon receiving his degree, he began his ministry teaching in the ACE school of Rev. Wayne McClain in South Houston. He began pastoring at age 24, and has pastored in Texas, Colorado, Mississippi, and Kansas.

In 1988, Pastor Riggen published his first book, The Madness and Method of Modern Music. He has written numerous articles, and has written several lessons for Word Aflame Publications (for both the Adult and Elective Series). He recently developed a one hour Bible study entitled, Do All Speak with Tongues? which he hopes to make available to the public shortly.

Through the years, Pastor Riggen has held the following positions: Youth Camp Teacher, Youth Camp Principal, Sectional Foreign Missions Director, Sectional Secretary, and District Home Missions Secretary. For six years, he served as the Kansas District Sunday School Director and Newspaper Editor. In May, 2002, he was elected as the District Secretary, a position which he held until March of 2004. At that time, he was elected as Superintendent of the Kansas District UPC, a position he held until May 2007. He has also served as Vice-Chairman of the Human Relations Commission for the City of Olathe.

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