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A2Z Missions

In July of 2001, Bishop Gregory Riggen (Pastor of New Life Pentecostal Church of Olathe, Kansas, USA) was invited to teach a group of pastors in the African country of Zimbabwe. He held a two-day seminar in the capital city of Harare and was well received by many in attendance.

Although circumstances prohibited him from being able to follow up immediately, the principles he shared were not soon forgotten. More than a decade later, he received a phone call from one of the pastors who had attended that meeting asking him to return to Zimbabwe and share these Biblical truths with the members of his church. Feeling that God wanted to do something on a larger scale, Bishop Riggen requested that, rather than speaking to one local assembly, the pastor making the invitation would open the meeting to other pastors and churches. This arrangement was agreed upon.

In June of 2013, Bishop Riggen took a team of Americans with him on his second trip to Zimbabwe. The result of that effort was that more than 50 pastors, bishops, and church leaders were greatly blessed by the knowledge and insight they had gained. Because of this tremendous response, word began to spread quickly about the amazing transformation taking place in the lives, ministries, and churches of those who had attended. As they told others, requests began pouring in — not only to return to Zimbabwe, but to come to the surrounding countries as well. A team returned in October of that year, and taught a crowd of more than 300, coming from eight different nations! As a result, A2Z Missions was born.

The name A2Z Missions is based partly upon the idea that, in America, the term “from A to Z” means “all-inclusive,” or “everything in between.” Therefore, A2Z Missions is not solely focused on the nation of Zimbabwe (although that continues to remain the base of operations in Africa), but any and every African nation to which God opens a door — from Algeria to Zimbabwe!

Since the initial visit, seminars have been held in Harare and Bulawayo (Zimbabwe), Gaborone and Francistown (Botswana), Mzuzu, Lilongwe, and Blantyre (Malawi), Monrovia (Liberia), and Ndola (Zambia). Furthermore, there are current invitations to hold meetings in Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Uganda, and more.

In June of 2017, Bishop Riggen will return to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, for the purpose of dedicating a brand new ministerial training center. The center will be named the Apostolic Center for Theological Studies (A.C.T.S.), and will offer quarterly sessions of in-depth Biblical studies.

At the conclusion of the dedicatory services and a few days of leadership training for a multi-national team, Bishop Riggen will head for the country of South Africa. There, he will conduct another three-day ministerial seminar.

The concept behind the seminars is to help the preachers of Africa discern between Biblical truth and unscriptural traditions. The first session is a special message from Bishop Riggen entitled, “The Power of the Word.” This is followed by “The Importance of the Word,” and many other lessons that help to turn the preacher’s focus back to the Bible.

Beginning in April, 2017, Bishop Riggen will transition from serving as Senior Pastor of the church he has served for more than two decades into the role of Missionary/Evangelist. He plans to spend more time traveling across America teaching Biblical principles, as well as promoting A2Z. He will also be able to spend more time focusing on the work in Africa.


For more information, and to help support this effort, please visit the A2Z website.


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